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Director: Nicolina Lanni & John Choi
Producer: Jennifer Horvath
Executive Producer: James Hyslop, Nick Crowe
Genres: Documentary
People: James Hyslop, Jennifer Horvath, Nick Crowe, Nicolina Lanni & John Choi

1 x 52 + 1 x 44

Granger Taylor was a mechanical genius who believed he was receiving extraterrestrial messages inviting him to explore the universe. On November 29th, 1980, he left a note for his family telling them he was about to embark on a 42-month odyssey ‘aboard an alien spaceship’. He vanished that day, never to be seen again. Almost 40 years later, his family, friends, and theorists the world over, are still searching for answers. SPACE- MAN investigates the peculiar circumstances that lead to Taylor’s disappearance, uncovering new evidence, in an attempt to separate fact from fiction. Were the remains found in the mountains near his home the grim result of his struggles with mental illness? Or were Taylor’s out-of-this-world visions more than just a dream?

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