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Director: Alain Chicoine, Julie Hogue

Producer: KOTV

Writer: Mélanie Dubreuil, Fabien Fauteux, André Gulluni, Tanya Henri, Édith Landry-Michaud, Jean-François Léger, Dominic Anctil

Cast: Christine Beaulieu, Joey Bélanger, Lilou Roy-Lanouette, Emi Chicoine, Véronique Cloutier, Patrick Hivon, Danielle Proulx

Genres: Comedy

Perfect Storm

CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution
Season 1: 13 x 30

A storm is a meteorological phenomenon that happens when you have to manage 3 children, a self-employed job, an ex and his new blonde too young, childcare schedules, school, lunches, the new employee... And in this perfect storm is Isabelle, 39 years old, a single mother who has the mental burden of all these beautiful people in addition to having to put up with a sister who is better than her in everything, a mother who reminds her that her sister is better than her in everything and a desert love life.

PERFECT STORM is a series about the mental load carried by strong and modern female characters.
Written by a group of women writers and a few authors with different visions, we deal with family,
separation, but especially with the pressure one can feel when trying to hold everything together.

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