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Director: Christopher McEnroe

Producer: Ellen Chloe Bateman

Executive Producer: Christopher McEnroe, Ellen Chloe Bateman

Writer: Dave Wells

Cast: Victor Mifsud

Genres: Documentary

People: Christopher McEnroe, Dave Wells, Ellen Chloe Bateman, Victor Mifsud

My Neuroplastic Adventure

CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution
1 x 48 or 1 x 74

Meet Victor Mifsud, a DJ, artist, traveller and dreamer. Dubbed the Blind Biohacker, Victor is on a mission to supercharge his eyes, mind, body and soul using ancient wisdom and modern science. MY NEUROPLASTIC ADVENTURE follows Victor as he visits some revolutionary scientists, like Dr. Gabor Maté, a renowned author and speaker who purports that resolving deep-rooted emotional issues can contribute to physical healing; and Dr. Lara Boyd, whose cutting-edge neuroimaging may offer some insight into the brain’s plasticity and whether or not long-term impairments can actually be reversed. He also explores more holistic offerings including Sound Therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, and the psychoactive tea Ayahuasca.

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