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Director: Rebecca Snow, Buffy Childerhose, Andrew Fedosov

Producer: Elizabeth Trojian

Executive Producer: Elliott Halpern, Elizabeth Trojian

Writer: Rebecca Snow, Buffy Childerhose, Andrew Fedosov

Genres: Documentary

Murder on the Fringe

CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution
6 x 48 or 3 x 90

MURDER ON THE FRINGE investigates some of the most notorious homicide stories of the past three decades. The series includes the highly sensationalized Moka Dawkins case; the story of a trangenderd woman, attacked by a client who became unhappy with the terms of their arrangment; the mysterious murder of Bryan Kocis, aka “King Cobra”, a hollywood film producer who made a deal that took a deadly turn; and the unbelievable events surrounding a string of missing persons’ reports, and no clues, that lead to the discovery of a man being held hostage, and the eventual conviction of serial killer Bruce McArthur, whose true victim count remains a mystery to this day. Each story offers new insights from investigators, never-before-seen footage of the events that lead up to the crimes, and testimony from those closest to the victims, and in some cases, the accused themselves.

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