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Director: Yann Tanguay
Writer: Lucia Cavezzali, Nathalie Cavezzali and Yann Tanguay
Cast: Marielle Guérard, Alice Madore, Nicolas Germain-Vien, Mathéo Savard-Piccinin, Brigitte Soucy, Yann Tanguay, Josée Beaulieu
Genres: Children’s
People: Alice Madore, Brigitte Soucy, Josée Beaulieu, Lucia Cavezzali, Marielle Guérard, Mathéo Savard-Piccinin, Nathalie Cavezzali and Yann Tanguay, Nicolas Germain-Vien, Yann Tanguay

S1 - 10 x 8, S2 - 10 x 9, S3 - In Production

Curious by nature, Marika sees mysteries everywhere. With sharp instincts and an eye for detail, Marika and her two best friends Annie and Francis, are always investigating their surroundings, sometimes even finding themselves in trouble, or even in danger, but thanks to their resourcefulness and teamwork, they always manage to get by.

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