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Director: Ricardo Trogi

Producer: A Media

Executive Producer: Guillaume Lespérance

Writer: Jacques Davidts, Maxime Caron

Cast: Yanic Truesdale, Christian Bégin, Alexis Martin, Normand Daneau, Lynda Johnson, Alexandre Nachi, Nathalie Mallette, Julie Ménard

Genres: Comedy

Les Mecs

CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution
Season 1: 10 x 30 // Season 2: 10 x 30 (in production)

A sharp single-camera comedy about male behaviour, gender relations and intergenerational expectations, where four male friends, now in their 50’s, struggle to stay relevant in today’s life. From Jacques Davidts, creator of the cult series LES PARENT and screenwriter of Denis Villeneuve's film POLYTECHNIQUE.

Martin, Étienne, Christian and Simon, four lifelong friends, have somehow reached the age of questioning. Haunted by the defeats of their lives, jostled by the acceleration of time and driven by their unfulfilled desires, they approach the penultimate right of their lives by realizing that no matter how much we say and do what we want, in the end, we are always alone when it comes to confronting the absolute.

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