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Producer: KOTV

Cast: Pierre Hébert

Genres: Format

Judgement Call

CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution
Season 1: 72 x 30

JUDGEMENT CALL is a quiz show where the focus is not on the truth, but on the biases about our favorite celebrities. Through a series of surprising and hilarious questions, we reveal viewers’ prejudices about the star system’s big celebrities. The questions are never about actual facts, but rather test how we may perceive the different behaviours of our favorite celebrities. A questionnaire is sent out as a survey to test the public’s prejudices about the four celebrities present in the studio. For each question, respondents choose which of the 4 guest stars is most likely to match the character trait depicted in the situation. Responses are then displayed in charts, revealing the percentage of votes received by each celebrity. Two participants in the studio try to guess which guest received the most votes for each question. Each correct answer earns them points and whoever finishes the first two rounds in the lead advances to the final game. In the final round, each correct answer earns the participant a cash prize. Three out of three correct answers allows the contestant to win the jackpot.

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