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Director: Catherine Swing
Producer: Michael Henry, Ryan Valentini
Executive Producer: Carrie Mudd
Cast: Dr. Jennifer Gunter
Genres: Factual
People: Carrie Mudd, Catherine Swing, Dr. Jennifer Gunter, Michael Henry, Ryan Valentini

5 x 26, 10 x 12

For years, Dr. Jen Gunter, “Twitter’s Gynecologist” (also known as Gwyneth Paltrow’s worst nightmare) has been taking on the biggest celebrities in the world and debunking their pseudoscience health myths. From Yoni Eggs, to Lotus Births, to... Summer Vagina? (thanks Teen Vogue), Jen knows the Age of Information is now the Age of Misinformation, and it’s her mission to give a source of truth to women everywhere. Through her deadpan humour and cutting edge expertise, Jen helps us understand how these massively popular products and trends are anything but harmless.

Each episode is a jam packed, bite-sized take down of the exploitative health and beauty myths that are constantly spewed at women (and men) from a culture that is obsessed with celebrity over science. For too long women’s health has often been a taboo subject, but not anymore. And while Jen can find the humour in say, Vaginal Steaming, her message always ends in a push for support of women and the societal pressures that lead to wanting something like a Coffee Enema in the first place.

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