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Director: Heather Jenken

Producer: Barry Davis, Saman Malik, Jeff Thrasher

Executive Producer: Phil Gurin, Tracie Tighe

Writer: Diana Frances

Cast: Emma Hunter

Genres: Entertainment, Factual

6 x 44

What happens when two celebrity chefs are forced to race against the clock and make an extraordinary meal using only the ingredients taken from the fridges of two everyday families? FRIDGE WARS! Hosted by comedian Emma Hunter, each episode of this cutthroat culinary format begins in the family’s home where Emma conducts a surprise fridge raid, taking everything from last week’s leftover lasagna to the condiments. With the ingredients in hand, the competition heats up in the studio where two of the country’s best chefs are given 45 minutes to create a 5-star dish using ingredients they’ve never seen. When time’s up, the family takes their place at the dining room table, tasting each meal and scoring them on look, taste and originality. The results go in the FRIDGE WARS vault and the competition takes place again with a new family and another fridge full of challenging ingredients. With the scores tabulated, the chefs and families are brought together to find out which chef created the most mouth-watering masterpieces and is named this week’s FRIDGE WARS champion.