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Director: Jason Roy-Léveillée

Producer: Christal Films Productions, Gaëa Films

Writer: Caroline Héroux

Cast: Loïc Bouffard, Sandrine Bisson, François Chénier, Laura Compan, Thomas Haché, Béatrice Picard

Genres: Comedy, Kids

Demographics: Children, Family

Season 1: 26 x 22 min

Based on a bestselling book, this live action series filled with fun graphics follows the life of 11-year-old Charlie, a typical tween in a non-typical family! Emotions, growing hormones, frustration... It’s not easy sometimes to navigate the tween life but with family love, friendship and a furry companion, it’s a lot of fun!

Charlie is a tween just like any other. Raised in a close-knit family, Charlie’s mother is entirely unlike other mothers: she hears and sees everything! In addition to his all-seeing and hearing mother, Charlie has an annoying stepsister, energy-sucking younger brother and sister who are twins, and a father who’s easygoing enough, but withdrawn and often working. Oh, and we mustn’t forget Shivers, Charlie’s old English Sheepdog, and most trustworthy friend and confidant. In short, a normal enough family that loves each other – each member with their own personality and foibles… and the occasional temper!

It all begins when Charlie is grounded in his room and decides to start writing in a notebook (NOT a diary!) to keep track of the injustices he experiences with his family. He eventually writes about everything, from his daily life at school with his friends, to his crazy life at home with his family.