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Director: Francine Zuckerman
Producer: Francine Zuckerman
Writer: Francine Zuckerman
Genres: Documentary
People: Francine Zuckerman
After Munich

1 x 52

September 5th 1972, the tenth day of the Munich Olympics, the Palestinian terrorist group Black September stormed the Israeli athletes’ quarters. The world watched live on television as eleven hostages were taken and later killed. For the first time, this story will be told through the eyes of four women.

Ankie Spitzer, the widow of the murdered athlete Andre Spitzer continues her fight for recognition so the world will never forget.

Esther Roth Shahamorov, an Olympic athlete groomed as Israel’s fastest runner loses her dream and becomes a role model for the next generation, waiting for someone to break her record and pass the torch.

Sylvia Raphael, a high-level Mossad agent, gives up her life to become a Mossad agent, eager to join a clandestine mission but ends up in prison.

Marianne Gladnikoff, reluctantly joins the Mossad team on a mission in Norway to assassinate the Palestinian terrorist responsible for the Munich massacre and never recovers.

After Munich is a story of intrigue, secret identities, conflict and reconciliation, and war and peace.

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