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Director: Oscar-nominee Thierry Marchand
Executive Producer: Agust Ingason
Writer: Multi-award winning writing team led by Andy Yerkes
Genres: Children’s
People: Agust Ingason, Multi-award winning writing team led by Andy Yerkes, Oscar-nominee Thierry Marchand
Treasures Trekkers

52 x 11’

Treasure Trekkers follows the intrepid adventures of three heroic mouse-sized adventurers, who are tasked with preserving and protecting the priceless treasures of the world. Mo, Mac and Mip embark on challenging quests unearthing rare and sometimes magical artifacts, whilst learning to navigate their differences and discovering that the most precious treasures – friendship, kindness and respect - are the ones that come from within.

Action-comedy series about empathy, friendship, teamwork and learning from each other.

Inspired by the award-winning book series Maurice’s Valises by acclaimed photographer and author J.S. Friedman.

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