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Producer: Tom McGillis,Jennifer Pertsch,Fresh TV

Executive Producer: George Elliott,Brian Irving

Genres: Kids

Demographics: Children

People: Brian Irving, Fresh TV, George Elliott, Jennifer Pertsch, Tom McGillis

26x22’ & 1x60’

Reality TV meets animation in this cartoon parody about 22 teenagers who are dumped together at a rundown summer camp in Ontario for eight full weeks (and 27 full episodes) of crazy physical challenges, psychological games, lousy food, and plenty of drama.
Extreme personalities are the norm at Camp Wawanakwa and range from Goth to jock, empty-headed beauty, juvenile delinquent, inseparable best friends, nice guy, and nerd.
Peaceful co-habitation would be a challenge in the best of circumstances, but when the contestants are pushed to their absolute limits, tempers flare and drama reigns.
Add in host Chris, who’s got a serious issue with the enjoyment of torturing others, and crazy Chef Hatchet, who does so much more than just cook lousy meals, and be assured that absolutely anything could happen.

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