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Director: ChangHwan Shin, Tony Clarke

Producer: Sunny SeonJoo Lee

Executive Producer: ChangHwan Shin, Jyotirmoy Saha

Writer: Tim O'Sullivan

Cast: Ruby Kelly, Tallulah Conabeare, Hector Robertson, Frog Stone, Louis Martin

Genres: Animation, Children’s, Kids

Demographics: Preschool

Tish Tash

52 x 5’

Tish Tash follows the adventures of a young bear called Tish, her bear family and her larger-than-life imaginary friend Tash, as they learn about the world around them. No matter what troubles they face — be it surviving long, boring car trips or helping Tish’s baby brother not to be too sad about losing his favourite toy — these special friends can create new worlds around themselves, embarking on fun adventures while inspiring imaginative play and problem solving in young children.

Family life is at the core of the series. With sparky, kid-voiced performances and genuine warmth created by believable and funny family dynamics, both kids and their parents will identify with the stories.

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