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Producer: Mainframe Studios, Studio 71

Executive Producer: Gregory R. Little, Michael Schreiber, Michael Hefferon, Adam Boorstin

Writer: John Hazlett, Lienne Sawatsky, Dan Williams

Cast: Roi Fabito

Genres: Animation

Demographics: Children

26 x 11’

The Guava Juice Show follows the wacky and wild adventures of 14-year-old Roi and his best friends, fearless fellow teen Jenny and Guava, a risk-averse neurotic talking fruit, as they work at a mysterious curio shop and travel to fantastical parallel worlds throughout the multiverse in a magical bathtub. Whether searching for a mundane item for a customer or meeting dysfunctional twin superheroes or a seemingly evil computer with a heart of gold, their adventures always go somewhere unexpected with Roi, Jenny and Guava getting more than they bargained for and fighting to rein in the chaos around them!

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