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Producer: Wind Dancer Films

Writer: Craig Bartlett

Genres: Animation

People: Craig Bartlett, Wind Dancer Films

64 x 22’ / 128 x 11’

Ready Jet Go! follows two neighborhood kids: Sean, who has an all-consuming drive for science facts, and Sydney, who has a passion for science fiction and imagination. They both befriend the new kid on their street, Jet Propulsion, whose family members happen to be aliens! Together, they embark on great adventures, exploring the solar system, learning about space and science, but always back just in time for dinner!
Ready Jet Go! is designed to inspire an interest in astronomy, earth science and technology for kids ages 3-8 and as a child’s first introduction to space and earth science, it uses inventive visuals and upbeat songs to engage, entertain and make young viewers laugh and learn, as well as informative interstitials showing real-life science at work and featuring astronomers and scientists performing simple experiments.
The series has been created by Craig Bartlett, creator of PBS KIDS’ Dinosaur Train and Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold! and produced and financed by Wind Dancer Films, major producer of motion pictures What Women Want, Bernie and TV series Home Improvement, Roseanne, with assistance and curriculum support from scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), through which the series has access to NASA photo and video archives.

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