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Director: Barry Purves

Producer: Harvest Films

Executive Producer: John Webster

Writer: Anna Farthing, John Webster

Cast: David Thewlis, Henry Goosman, Lindsey Duncan

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Kids

Demographics: Family

30 Minutes

Meet the irrepressible Sludger…. The first aardvark in history to dream of something other than just ants.

With an amazing rhythm gained from years of drumming the earth for food, Sludger and his canny caterpillar chum Feldwick head for the bright lights of Beak City in search of fame and fortune. There, he is transformed into HAMILTON MATTRESS, Drummer Extraordinaire! But their adventures soon lead them into a sinister underworld where ruthless parakeet Balustrade harbours his own nefarious plans for such a prodigious talent. In a city where colourful beaks and feathers are the definition of beauty, can a funny-looking aardvark succeed – or even survive?

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