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Director: Jack Bennett

Producer: Wildseed Studios, Telegael, Toonz Media Group, Birkdale Film and Television

Executive Producer: Sarah Mattingley

Genres: Animation


20 x 11’

Dodo is a funny, relatable and heart-warming portrayal of everyday school life told through the heightened emotions of 11-year-old, Joe Connolly.

Totally unprepared for the potential pitfalls of his first year at secondary school and with new situations and embarrassments around every corner, small events mean big drama for Joe, leading to misunderstandings and exaggerated fantasies as the latest threat to Joe’s entire existence appears pretty much every day!

Trying to fit in, making new friends, girlfriends and even losing his school trousers, Joe has his best friends Frisbo, Pete and Lily at his side, helping him realise that it’s really not the end of the world, as he triumphs over adversity and survives another school day!

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