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Director: Anne Wood, Steven Roberts, Joel Stewart

Producer: Chris Wood

Executive Producer: Mark Hollingsworth, Sarah Legg-Barratt

Writer: Anne Wood, Steven Roberts, Joel Stewart

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Children, Preschool

50 x 5’

B.O.T. and the BEASTIES introduces pre-schoolers to the comic adventures and misadventures of a loveable robot called B.O.T. (Beastie Observation Transmitter) as he discovers new worlds and an assortment of bizarre beasties that inhabit them. B.O.T. must collect data on the comically unpredictable beasties and while his mission is never easy, it is always fun!

Strong visual comedy, playfulness and invention are at the heart of the show with each episode offering wonderful storytelling as B.O.T. embarks on a hilarious beastie journey of discovery!

B.O.T. and the BEASTIES is premiering on CBeebies in January 2021.

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