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Genres: Factual

People: Brant Pinvidic, Chris Dorsey, Clive Whittingham, David Lyle, Donald Trump, Jago Lee, Jane Root, John Smithson, Julie Bristow, Thomas Viner, Tom Brisley

Tags: Realscreen Summit

Companies: Arrow Media, Blue Ant International, Bristow Global Media, Invelop Entertainment, Nutopia, Orion Entertainment, PACT, Pioneer Productions

C21 news editor Clive Whittingham heard a familiar tale of angst from the US unscripted production community in the US capital, but as Netflix arrived promising a major push in the genre in 2017 there were reasons for optimism as well.

Featuring in this episode: David Lyle, president of Pact; Jago Lee, creative director Blue Ant Media; Chris Dorsey, founding partner Orion Entertainment; Brant Pinvidic, CEO Invelop Entertainment; John Smithson, creative director Arrow Media; Thomas Viner, creative director Pioneer Productions; Tom Brisley, creative director Arrow Media; Jane Root, CEO Nutopia; and Julie Bristow, president and CEO of Bristow Global Media.

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