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Phil Ford, Peter Lories.


It takes a creature of Dark Age myth, that has witnessed the blight of Humanity over centuries and has tasted sweet rain turn sour and fresh air become bitter, to recognize the extinction we face. For a vampire that has survived lifetimes, feeding on humans as they buried their superstitions beneath secular rationalism, and now stands at the apex of a powerful corporation, the fate of mortals is a harbinger of his own destruction.

London billionaire Valentin Volkov refuses to starve to death. The businessman and environmentalist some call The Green Messiah has a secret plan for a new epoch where vampires are the next stage of human evolution; where the wisdom of a centuries-long lifespan offers Earth’s new guardians understanding of their part in the eco-system, just as much as the human herds they will farm for blood.

But ill-fated curiosity of a TV journalist, her lover and grief-stricken husband, will combine to threaten Volkov and his plans for the human race. Volkov is charismatic, sexy and brutal. A multi-layered anti-hero who has tasted every gratification but longs for the simplest pleasure denied him for centuries, the warm caress of sunshine. Aligned against him is a mis-matched group forged by Volkov’s own actions.

THIRST is an intelligent adult horror thriller in fast-paced episodes that examines the nature of evil and myth in the 21st Century against the background of a ticking environmental clock.

Supporting materials: Project bible

Project Information:
Genre: Thriller/Horror
Format: 8 x 60 mins (per season)
Writer: Phil Ford
Director: TBD
Producer: Peter Lories/Safiar64
Partners: ZDF Studios
Development stage: Pilot script, Season arc, Series Bible
Planned shooting start: TBD
Shooting location: London
Languages: English
Total budget: €10,500,000,-
Budget per episode: €1,300.00,-
Financing already in place: 25%

Looking for from the International Business: Anchor Broadcaster/Streaming Service.

Company profile:
ZDF Studios was founded in the year 1993 as a 100 % private subsidiary of ZDF, one of the biggest and most renowned television broadcasters in Europe.

On behalf of ZDF, ZDF Studios is responsible for worldwide program sales, the implementation of international coproductions, license purchasing for quality programs, marketing online rights and the merchandising of strong ZDF program brands.

In addition to its commercial activities for ZDF, ZDF Enterprises has also been able to establish itself successfully as an independent market player in both national and international environments.

Yi Qiao
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