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Katherine Ouimet, Ghassan Fayad.

La Fille-dé (Dice Girl)

17-year-old Jeromine, aka Dice Girl, has spent her life resisting her grandmother’s predictions of a grand mystical destiny, preferring to leave her fate to the roll of her dice. But the powerful call of the land around her small northern Québec town, her grandmother’s storytelling and the patterns of her dice rolls are all building inside her.

They lead to the revelation of her innate power the day she touches a child’s boot that has washed up on the shore. At that moment, a synesthetic shock reveals the tragic fate of a little Syrian boy named Suleyman, bounding them together inextricably. She will bring him back to life. These consequences change everything. A desperate society, facing environmental collapse, sees Jeromine’s power as miraculous, hailing her as the Daughter of God. Soon, the media invades her village, thrusting the unwilling Messiah into the limelight and further destabilising the balance of life in the area.

The spotlight on Dice Girl also reveals the tragedy of poverty and addiction in her village. Children there are known to disappear into the cruise ship that regularly visits their shores from Greenland, later to be illegally adopted in Europe. This is the same ship that brought the stow-away "Lazarus Boy,” Suleyman into her life. The desperate flight of war and climate refugees, an illegal adoption ring and the rise of a fragile teenage divinity intersect in a series of 8 episodes.

Dice Girl is an unapologetic refusal of the nihilism of our time.

Supporting materials: Project bible

Project Information:
Genre: Mystical Thriller
Format: 8 x 1 hour
Writer: Katherine Ouimet
Director: Oliver Abou (6) and Katherine Ouimet (2)
Producer: Ghassan Fayad
Partners: Actively searching for partners.
Development stage: The pilot script, bible and a narrative springboard for season 1 are completed. The rest of the development and writing of the remaining 7 episodes will be concluded with partnering coproducers and broadcasters.
Planned shooting start: April 2023
Shooting location: Great North of Québec, Nain (Labrador), Nuuk (Greenland), Reykjavik (Iceland).
Languages: French, English and Arabic.
Total budget: 11,400,000 million euros.
Budget per episode: 1,425,000 euros.
Financing already in place: There is no production financing in place yet. However, we were successful in raising 40,000$ CAD for the first stages of development.

Looking for from the International Business: European partners to help fastrack La Fille-dé (Dice Girl) into production.

Company profile:
Based in Montreal, Kngfu produces content for all screens and platforms. Since its foundation in 2005, the company’s work has been dedicated to offbeat forms of storytelling and has gathered numerous awards and recognitions internationally. Diverse in form and substance, be it documentary, fiction or immersive experiences, our projects share a common aspiration to amplify unique voices that offer an intelligent social commentary.

Through the years, we have collaborated with broadcasters, social and cultural institutions, researchers and academics, and creative producers who are passionate about exploring new territories. Founded by an energetic Lebanese producer, Kngfu naturally builds partnerships locally and internationally, multiplying bridges between cultures and countries.

Katherine Ouimet
E-mail: [email protected]