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British Film Commission


British Film Commission

Company overview

The British Film Commission (BFC) is the UK Government’s national organisation responsible for international film and television production in the UK. Funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the Department for International Trade and the BFI, the BFC leads on:

• Maximising and supporting the production of major international feature film and high-end television in the UK
• Strengthening and promoting the UK’s film and television infrastructure
• Liaising between the Government and the film and television industry on policy issues that impact on production

The BFC has industry sponsors who form the membership of the agency’s innovative public/private partnership: Angels, Disney, Harbottle & Lewis, HBO, Movie Makers, Netflix, Pinewood Studios, Saffery Champness, Warner Bros, 3 Mills, BBC Studios, Double Negative, Elstree Studios, Framestore, MPC, The Bottle Yard Studios and Working Title. The BFC is the national division of Film London.

The BFC is supporting your production from development to delivery. With expert teams in the UK and US, we are available to respond to queries 24 hours a day.

Programming Profile

BFC plays the UK advantage


The British Film Commission’s executive VP of US production Kattie Kotok discusses what the UK can offer US producers, as part of C21’s Content LA On Demand digital event.


If you’re a US producer looking for a good shooting location, with great access, transport and a wide variety of visual options, your first thought probably isn’t Northern Ireland. But Kattie Kotok, executive VP of US production at the British Film Commission (BFC), argues otherwise.


“Andrew Reid, who is the head of production at Northern Ireland Screen, says that Northern Ireland is a similar size to Greater Los Angeles and that in 45 minutes you can travel from the city centre to the coast. LA-based executives always find that impressive,” she says.


And it’s not just Northern Ireland that has similar qualities; many other UK locations can double for cities and states across the US, according to Kotok. “The UK has doubled for so many different things from a US perspective,” she explains. “Lots of people look to the north of England, such as parts of Manchester, to double up as period New York and Brooklyn. Glasgow is also a great double for American cities because it has a grid system.”



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Sorrel Geddes Senior Vice President, US Production & Events
BFC US Office

Kattie Kotok Executive Vice President of US Production
BFC US Office

Samantha Perahia MBE Head of Production UK
BFC UK Office