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Genres: Documentary

Through the Seasons: China

Bomanbridge Media

China was formed by one of the greatest dramas in Earth geological history: the crashing of the Indian sub-continent into the Asia continent. It began 35 million years ago and it’s still going on today. This geological mega collision created the towering Himalayas, the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, China’s three huge rivers and the country’s
varied climate and manifold ecosystems.

Over thousands of years, China’s people have built distinctive agriculture, ways of life, crafts and culture around the opportunities and challenges of this landscape. Today’s China is the inheritor of many cultural traditions as well as a powerhouse of technology, science, engineering and industry.

In this series we follow the people of China over a year – as the seasons change, and festivals brighten the calendar. We meet farmers and engineers, conservationists and craftsmen, scientists and creative people of all kinds, and we discover this huge and varied country in spectacular drone footage, as traditions, landscape and ways of life are fully revealed from the air.

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