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Producer: BriteSpark Films, Saloon Media

Genres: Factual

World's Most Scenic River Journeys

Blue Ant International
6 x 60' 4K & HD

There’s no better perspective than from a boat on a river, as it gently winds its way through stunning landscapes and outstanding natural beauty. Bill Nighy narrates this visually stunning six-part documentary series, telling the stories of six epic river journeys through the characters who live and work on them. Winding through rivers in the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA, each episode showcases beautiful and distinctive landscapes, from emerald green hills, ancient forests and biodiverse river deltas, to fairytale castles, chocolate box villages and iconic cities. We meet the rich diversity of people who live and work on the rivers, hitch rides on fishing boats and yachts, even canoes and replica Viking Ships, hopping on and off to explore the wealth of hidden stories along the riverbanks of the world’s most beautiful rivers.

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