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Producer: Saloon Media in assoc. with Talos Films
Genres: Documentary, Factual
People: Saloon Media in assoc. with Talos Films
Witches Of Salem

4 x 60’ HD

WITCHES OF SALEM is a docu-drama that unravels the hysteria that unfolded during the Salem witch trials, and led to the execution of 20 women in an affluent New England community. Stories of possession by the devil led to mass arrests, sensational trials and even public hangings in the town square. WITCHES OF SALEM is a real-life horror story - with young teenage girls tragically accused and convicted by the shadowy adults lurking in the background. The series draws on extensive historical documents and court records to bring this gripping drama to life. Sociologists, psychologists, and cultural historians also illustrate how communities are still susceptible to the same hysteria today.

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