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Producer: Maramedia

Genres: Documentary


Blue Ant International
3 x 60’ HDR, 4K & HD

Golden Globe® Award winner Ewan McGregor lends his iconic voice to the highly anticipated, blue-chip natural history series, STORMBORN. On the wild Northern edge of the Atlantic Ocean lies a land of rock, ice and water. This is a place of towering seas, rivers of ice and ferocious storms. To raise your family here seems impossible; with the odds stacked so heavily against you that even surviving seems a feat of endurance. But special clans of animals do survive here and survive in style. They’re Otters, Arctic Foxes, Grey Seals, Reindeer, Puffins and Orca. Against the wild background of the Northern Atlantic Ocean, otters, arctic foxes, grey seals, reindeer, puffins, and orca work to make homes, find mates, and raise their young before the return of the winter darkness. These are the STORMBORN..

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