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Producer: Six Point Harness
Cast: Richard Aldana
Genres: Animation, Drama
People: Richard Aldana, Six Point Harness

26x11’ HD

Richard Aldana just got knocked into the deep end of the multiverse. Set 10 years before the events of the international hit Lastman comic series, this 26-episode extrasensory epic turns the cocky brawler's rough and tumble routine upside-down as he's charged with protecting the key to a mystery beyond anything he could have imagined. Defying genre, Lastman utilizes animation to uniquely combine action, suspense, the supernatural, and mythology into a series that is as intriguing as it is compelling. Richard is a hero who never wanted to be one and must try saving the life of his friend's daughter, Siri, while trying to save his own life in a boxing ring.

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