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Producer: Original Productions, Live Nation Productions

Genres: Factual

Growing Belushi

Blue Ant International
6 x 30' | 3 x 60' HD

Jim Belushi is an actor, a singer, a dancer, a writer, and a family man. Now, he’s ready to wear another hat— cannabis farmer! Determined to heal the world and her ailments by growing this magical plant, Jim believes the medicine in cannabis can bring peace and healing to all who need it. With the help of Captain Jack, the weed dealer for the cast of Saturday Night Live, a farm full of misfits, and even fellow Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd, Jim sets on a whirlwind mission to get a foothold in the oversaturated cannabis market. Will Jim Belushi be able to achieve his ultimate goal of healing people with medicine from the earth, or will his venture go up in smoke?

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