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Producer: Northern Pictures

Genres: Documentary

After the Wildfires

Blue Ant International
1 x 60’ HDR, 4K & HD

Australia’s fauna has a long, impressive history of surviving on the driest inhabited continent on Earth. Fire is a force that has shaped the nature of Australia. However, as the last bushfire season has made brutally clear, climate change is shifting everything. After the worst bushfires in recorded history, the toll on the Australia’s unique wildlife has been nothing short of calamitous. Three billion animals were killed or displaced as 12 million hectares, an area the size of England, went up in flames. The Forever Fires of Australia’s Black Summer are now recognised as the worst wildlife disaster in modern history. But the tragedy has also set the nation on the path to put meaningful protections in place to conserve its rare and irreplaceable creatures. Following hard-working carers, dedicated scientists and passionate volunteers, AFTER THE WILDFIRES charts the ecological recovery of Australia, through stories of hope, human intervention and resilience. In the year that follows the fires, life slowly returns to the scorched bushlands of Australia. The film provides an urgent message to safeguard our environment and bring about the necessary intervention required to maintain biodiversity on our hotter, more fiery planet, before it is too late.

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