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Producer: Caramel & Co Animation Studio

Genres: Kids


Beyond Rights
52 x 7' or 26 x 14'

When Pre-Historic Monsters become Monster Machines.

Packed with excitement and adventure, Turbozaurs is a new animated series that focuses on fun, co-operation and adventure.

The Turbozaurs are a dynamic team of friendly dinosaurs which can transform themselves instantly into amazing machines. They are discovered in the woods by three children, and together form a special rescue team. There’s always something going on and more often than not requires their special skills. Whether it’s looking for hidden treasure, growing exotic fruit or helping find a lost dog or cat, the team work and play together to ensure that everyone is safe and happy.

While exploring their surroundings and helping others, the Turbozaurs make a perfect team, even if the results are not always expected. They try to help everyone in their own innovative and unique way!

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