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Producer: Beyond Lonehand Productions

Genres: Drama

People: Beyond Lonehand Productions

Halifax Retribution

Beyond Distribution
8 x 60’

It’s been twenty years since Jane Halifax (Rebecca Gibney) worked in the field, but a sniper is terrorizing the city and Commander Tom Saracen (Antony La Paglia) urgently needs her assistance.

Jane comes to realise that the killer’s invisibility to the surveillance cameras and his sophisticated hacking skills hold the clue to what he wants. Though Jane dismisses a threatening letter as the work of a crank, other things are not so easy to ignore. And when her partner, Ben (Craig Hall) is brutally murdered, Jane is forced to confront the terrifying possibility: that the killer could be after her.

An eight part series set in a world where facial recognition and data mining are eroding our personal freedoms every day, HALIFAX: Retribution brings Jane Halifax back to a world she has never been able to leave: sleuthing her way to the truth behind the cleverest criminal minds.

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