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Director: Pau Freixas

Producer: Domingo Corral, Teresa Gefaell

Writer: Pau Freixas, Iván Mercadé, Clara Esparrach, Eva Santolaria

Cast: Irene Arcos, Amaia Salamanca, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Miren Ibarguren, Natalia Verbeke, Juan Diego Botto

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 18+, Adults 25-54

6 x one hour

Macarena is a highly respected high-school teacher of Belmonte, a posh, coastal town. Married to the local psychiatrist Nestor and mother to her teen daughter Natalia, life could hardly be better. But this changes with a bat of an eye, when in her last class of the school year, a video of her and Iván, her student and son of her best friend Ana, goes viral.

With Ana and her husband Diego mounting a campaign against her, her husband leaving and her daughter despising her, Macarena is forced to leave town to live with her estranged father. Only Iván sides with Macarena, claiming they've been in a hidden relationship since he was 15 which brings on local cop Maite to investigate.

Ousted from the heart of the community in what seems like only minutes and declaring Iván delusional, Macarena sets out to uncover the truth on her own, especially when a body turns up at the bottom of the cliffs and she is the prime suspect…

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