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Director: Søren Balle, Ole Christian Madsen, Lone Scherfig

Producer: Malene Blenkov

Writer: Lone Scherfig

Cast: Sofie Grabøl, Afshin Firouzi, Pal Sverre Hagen

Genres: Drama

8 x one hour

Birth is one of our few unifying experiences and its arena the maternity ward where, during a busy workday, the staff experience conflicts and heartfelt joys, while striving to be at their best. On the surface, they are full of goodwill, close-knit, often witty colleagues who understand one another better than their family. Sometimes they bow to the pressure of work and huge psychological demands. Like Head of Department Ella, who is surrounded by new life each day, while secretly wishing for her own children; but she has a hard time forming close relationships.

Or pediatrician Jerry, whose marriage is falling apart, a fact his religious community is not supposed to know. They and those passing through are from all walks of life, representing all facets of society. Yet they all share this place, a venue of suspense, shame, guilt and insecurity, but also a world of triumphs, humor, trust, love and unfathomable bliss.

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