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Director: Sven Bohse

Producer: Andreas Gutzeit, Jens Freels

Executive Producer: Sylke Poensgen, Ferdinand Dohna

Writer: Robert Krause, Andreas Gutzeit, Elena Hell

Cast: Dominique Devenport, Jannik Schümann, Désirée Nosbusch, Marcus Grüsser, Tanja Schleiff

Genres: Drama

6 x one hour

She is an icon, Empress, legendary beauty: Sisi, Europe’s first super star. Her love of freedom and the promise to give the Habsburg monarchy a gentler face have captivated Europe.

Now, she will enter into a new era. It is a true story full of intrigue and desires. A carefree teenager, Sisi falls head over heels in love with a powerful and desirable man. But he has an unspoken dark and dangerous side: love that was not meant to be. Sisi has to choose and accepts the challenge: The tomboy becomes a self-confident, modern woman.

She will be able to make difficult decisions, to deal with loss and ultimately to fill an independent role as Empress. Now, it is her time to conquer a new generation’s hearts and minds.

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