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Home > Screenings > Beta Film > Rediscovering Christmas

Director: Colin Theys

Producer: Brainstorm Media

Executive Producer: Stephanie Slack

Writer: Megan Freels

Cast: Jessica Lowndes, B.J. Britt, David Naughton

Genres: Drama, TV Movie

Demographics: 30-50, Female

90 min.

It’s Christmas season! Mia is stressed out: a window designer for a Boston luxury department store, she must win an upcoming competition to stay employed. But her family needs her as the local Snowflake Festival is up a creek and the handsome but traditionalist manager Adam is out of ideas. So she goes to Connecticut for the weekend. Mia feels inspired and is hopeful she can save the festival – but Adam resists all innovation. He's cute though and her charm and hands-on ways win him over: opposites attract! Mia even skips work to stay longer. They infect the whole town with their Christmas spirit, as everyone comes together to help. However, Mia also has to keep her job. Will she be able to fit it all in... including Adam?