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Director: Alejandro Amenábar

Executive Producer: Fernando Bovaira, Helen Martí Donoghue, Simón de Santiago, Domingo Corral, Fran Araújo, Carla Pérez de Albéniz

Writer: Alejandro Amenábar, Alejandro Hernández

Cast: Stanley Tucci, Clarke Peters, T'Nia Miller, Alvaro Mel, Ana Polvorosa, Karra Elejalde, Manolo Solo

Genres: Drama

6 x one hour

Alex Ventura never imagined his first day on the job at the Ministry of Culture would change his life forever. In the depths of the ocean off the Southern Spanish coast, Captain Frank Wild and his team of buccaneers have discovered the largest underwater treasure ever. Proving that the “La Fortuna” and its booty actually sank in Spanish waters is hard enough, let alone taking it back from Wild and his modern-day freebooters. Not to mention the hot potato the whole incident is on a diplomatic level. Teaming up with free-spirited archival clerk Lucia and Jonas Pierce, a brilliant American lawyer with a passion for old pirate stories, Alex sets out on the adventure of his life that will teach him the value of commitment, friendship and even love. LA FORTUNA is a David and Goliath battle of a highly unlikely odd-couple replete with unexpected setbacks, face-offs and revelations, as they must take on not only the last modern pirate but also the seemingly insurmountable forces behind him.

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