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Director: Rachel Helson

Producer: Stargazer Films

Cast: Nicky Whelan, Haskiri Velazquez, Cleo Anthony, Austin Weyant

Genres: TV Movie

90 min.

Highly pregnant Ava just got into graduate school! However, her boyfriend Shane, who’s been increasingly violent lately, doesn’t want her to go back to university. It’s enough. She makes a run for it, trying to get to her sister, to safety. On the way, Ava has an accident and wakes up in Valerie and William’s house. The nice, affluent, and childless couple lives isolated in the woods – the roads are closed off and the phone doesn’t work, but William is a doctor and can take care of Ava, they say. Soon, things seem fishy to Ava: She is not a guest – she is a prisoner and they want her baby! On top of it all, Shane is still looking for her, and his violent tendencies escalate… But Ava will not give up without a fight!

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