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Director: Florian Baxmeyer

Producer: Sam Davis, Kim Fatheuer

Writer: Klaus Arriens Thomas Wilke

Cast: Friederike Becht, Felix Klare, Christoph Letkowski, Golo Euler

Genres: Drama

6 x one hour

Sunny is a tough cop, but lately she hasn't quite been herself. After a six-week absence, she is back on duty, right back on a hard case. The brutal killer André Haffner has escaped prison. How, no-one knows. He must have had help – on the inside and out. One thing though is for sure: He will kill again – and his victims are women.

Sunny is eager to take the lead, but her superiors give that to her colleague and send her to therapy. Because Sunny has a secret reason for her absence: She was assaulted on the job and has no idea by whom. Even though her male colleagues and her life- and work partner Alex support her, she does not trust them with everything – for good reason?

Suspicion has become her second nature and when Sunny finds out who must have attacked her, she wages a proxy war with the hunt for Haffner, revealing more parallels between them than she would like. The further she goes, the more her relationship to the ones closest to her are put the hardest test of their lives…

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