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Director: Jakob M. Erwa

Executive Producer: Florian Kamhuber

Writer: Florian Kamhuber, Jakob M. Erwa, Romina Ecker, Johanna Thalmann

Cast: Lilly Charlotte Dreesen, Nick Romeo Reimann, Yasin Boynuice, Mercedes Müller, Sabine Timoteo

Genres: Drama

6 hours

Max, Nellie and Janosch are vapid, privileged twenty-somethings who don’t like to think about much else but partying. When they hear of an illegal rave at a secret location, they are excited to go. Their destination: the catacombs, a system of tunnels underneath the central station, below the picturesque city of Munich, undisturbed by the authorities.

But something goes horribly wrong when a fire breaks out. Dozens are injured in the ensuing panic, some go missing. The next day, a body is found on the banks of the river: it is Max’ girlfriend, and he has been missing since the fire…

An invisible web seems to be spinning from a real estate tycoon to the shadowy figures living in the catacombs. And the investigating police inspector hides a dark secret in her basement… Nellie and Janosch will have to get to the bottom of it, not only for Max’ sake, but also for their own. United against a common enemy – or so it seems, because soon, it’s not clear at all anymore who they are up against.

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