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Director: Maurice Trouwborst

Producer: Sderk-Jan Warrink, Koji Nelissen

Writer: Lotte Tabbers

Cast: Marouane Meftah, Joep Vermolen, Aniek Pheifer, Kika van de Vijver, Hannah van Lunteren

Genres: Kids, Sci-Fi

Demographics: Teen

85 min.

When 15-year-old Nas stumbles upon a UFO in the woods, he finds that Captain of the ship, Nova, and her chatty robot ADD are here on a mission. What Nas doesn’t know is that Nova is a scientist from the future, who travelled back in time, ending up in her 12-year-old body. She came to prevent a climate disaster. But nobody takes two kids seriously, so they see no other solution than to kidnap the millionaire who wants to drill into the North Pole. Yet there are forces who try to stop them. Will Nas and Nova be able to save the planet?

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