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Genres: Comedy, Format

Tags: The International Format Awards 2015

Shows: Chiringuito De Pepe

Companies: Mediaset España S.A., Telecino


Company: Mediaset España S.A.
Name of Format: Chiringuito De Pepe
Production Company: Mediaset España S.A.
First Broadcast on: Telecino
Date of first Broadcast: 26th June 2014

"Chiringuito de Pepe" tells two seemingly incompatible worlds in which there are only two ways to cook but two ways of looking at life face. That is, how life looks from the world of haute cuisine and a beach bar that deserves a format because it is a disaster, but keeps his backroom very endearing and very full of emotion and feelings.

A new format, new subjects have been able to reach 27.4% rating and 4.1 million viewers in Spain. Sergi Roca, the ranges super star, will face the most difficult challenge of his career: save the worst restaurant in Spain from ruins. A beach bar which knew better times and that is run by Pepe and his peculiar family.

Sergi is the king of the creative cook and Pepe, the creator of the varied fried food. The fight between this two cooking titans it is about to start.