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Genres: Entertainment, Format

Demographics: 18-30, Female, Male

People: Bella Heesom, Iain Robertson, Jamie MacLachlan, Jason Butler, John McDonnell, Lucy Cudden, Marco Costa, Nuno Bernardo, Teresa Tavares, Triona Campbell

Shows: Collider

Companies: beActive Entertainment, SIC Radical


beActive Entertainment
4 x 30 mins, 8 x 12 mins and 80-minute feature

What if the Large Hadron Collider experiments at CERN are putting the world out of balance and mankind on the verge of extinction?

Collider is an epic sci-fi story told across a range of different platforms, focusing on a young genius in quantum physics called Peter, who sabotages the Hadron Collider when his credibility is wrongfully destroyed. By doing so, he accidentally transports himself and five other random people via a wormhole to a world ruined by natural disasters.

Peter, Alisha, Carlos, Fiona, Luke and Lucia awaken, to their astonishment, in an abandoned hotel in 2018, close to what used to be a Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Unaware of time and space, the group struggles with the idea that they have been transported to the future in a world overtaken by unknown creatures that stalk the shadows waiting for new victims to claim.

The six survivors work to uncover the truth about the LHC experiments in a desperate attempt to discover what triggered the beginning of the apocalypse and to reverse the wormhole it created before all is lost…

Collider combines a TV and Web Series, apps/games (Collider Quest and Collider Code Breaker) a graphic novel, online motion graphics, a website, a full social media experience and will soon be released as a Feature Film (distributed by Content Media).

Read the Comics. Play the Games. Watch the story.

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