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Producer: Richard Gordon, Mark Cumberton

Executive Producer: John Rice, Alan Shannon, Suzanne Kelly, Andrew Byrne, Andrew Ellard, Sarah Muller

Cast: Molly Rainford, Grace Barkley, Samuel Palliser, Kehoe, John Lynn, David Byrne

Genres: Drama, Kids, Sci-Fi


Nova Jones, the universe’s number one pop star, returns for more out-of-this-world adventures in this vibrant comedy featuring stand-out musical performances.

Fresh from her first tour, the queen of tantrums and tiaras has her sights set on more – more fame, more music and more dance! Tune in for Nova’s take on Country, Merseybeat, Motown, and of course the traditional Sports Movie Training Montage Song. Colour and verve arrive in the form of the new Dollograms, a red-green-and-blue trio of identical hologram backing dancers, who have no problems deciding to do the show their own way. And Nova’s long-suffering younger sister and manager McLaren finally gets to step into the limelight when a room full costumed mega-fans turn their attentions on her rather than her popstar sister.

Series 2: 10x 24”

Available Series 1-3

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