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Home > Screenings > Bavaria Media International > Underdogs - In the Fields of Murder

Director: Christian Theede, Luzie Loose, Kerstin Polte

Producer: ProSaar Medienproduktion GmbH, Bavaria Fiction GmbH

Writer: Hendirk Hölzemann, Melanie Waelde

Cast: Vladimir Burlakov, Daniel Sträßer, Brigitte Urhausen, Ines Marie Westernströer

Genres: Drama

4 x 90’ (to be continued)

Multifaceted and especially psychological detective series with regional and atmospheric grit and the feel of a contemporary Expressionism. Generations-old feuds still smolder today. Revenge and running away from it fill the air. Modern themes and many shades of darkness and secrecy create significant tensions to be resolved at the end. Far less about simply solving a murder, the series keeps us most engaged in untangling personal and professional metaphors of the heart and mind. The milieu of a mid-sized border city with France battles the expansive countryside valleys and dark forests in Germany.

An old childhood friendship between detectives Leo and Adam colored with that inexplicable kind of commitment around a shared dark secret sets the tone from the beginning of the series and prevails over each new episode. Trust and mistrust grow among detectives’ often mysterious behavior toward one another, keeping the team of four keen and watchful in their quest for killers.

An extreme but real life detective thriller series with unorthodox but simple and relatable physical landscapes. The faces are youthful, new and also raw. The pace is therefore fast and reckless. And the faster the pace the more the figures’ backstories grow and change. The inherent complexities support movie-length episodes.