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Director: Felix Bärwald, Stefan Jonas, Carsten Meyer-Grohbrügge, Udo Müller, Steffen Nowak, Lutz von Sicherer, Alexander Wiedl

Producer: Bavaria Fiction GmbH

Executive Producer: Bea Schmidt

Writer: Björn Firnrohr (until October 2019), Claudia Köhler (starting from October 2019)

Cast: Léa Wegmann, Florian Frowein, Antje Hagen, Sepp Schauer, Dirk Galuba, Joachim Lätsch

Genres: Telenovela

Storm of Love

Bavaria Media International
approx. 200+ eps. x 50’ eps. per Season, available in 16 Seasons

The stories the "Fürstenhof" could tell! The five-star country hotel at the foot of the Alps is perhaps the true lead star of this telenovela, a silent but solid protagonist that provides a comforting backdrop for the emotional upheavals that plague each season’s new young lovers. The series’ heart and center is the Saalfeld family – the owners of the hotel – and their employees. They are the permanent fixtures, the guides who take the viewers by the hand and pilot them through the many interconnected storylines and relationships. In each season a dramaturgically independent couple of young lovers holds center stage and, after many tears and heartbreaks, is finally able to come together and march towards the altar. Intertwined with the main protagonists are friends and relatives who build new couples that sometimes extend into another season, thus providing a sense of continuity....

In the newest Season, a new love brings to light a dark family secret…The arrival of Tim, the long-lost son of hotel owner Christoph Saalfeld, at Hotel Fürstenhof not only throws young fruit farmer Franzi's love life into turmoil, it also shakes up the lives of the entire Saalfeld family.

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