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Director: Michaela Kezele

Producer: Odeon Film GmbH

Writer: Andrea Stoll

Cast: Lavinia Nowak, Dagmar Menzel, Felix von Bredow, Jörg Steinberg

Genres: Drama, TV Movie

95 min.

Kati is a world-famous Olympic figure skater, bravely crossing borders, generations, cultures and selves by seeking a comeback repeat of her East German glory days as multiple world champion. The difference? It’s 1994 in Germany. After the fall of the Wall. Mutual suspicions still hang in the Cold War air from both sides. Nowhere else are the tensions between then and now more strongly felt than in culture and sport. Frictions are palpable between old and new ideals, old and new relationships, old and new ways. Kati’s former coach Jutta is beyond skeptical at Kati’s dream and refuses to help – at first. Then, the two women dig-in to harness the old energy and the old work ethic to face today's challenges.

What remains when Iron Curtains fall? Can Kati revive and adapt her old routine for the new era with the help of her legendary coach? Can two women unite the country again, if not just for one Olympic moment on ice?

Comeback, sport and the human spirit genre. A powerful story of two extraordinary women spanning soft political and historical tension of the GDR’s performance system, reunification fractures and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Themes of home, identity, and resilience in a high-quality production. Grand emotions, realistic, educational and relevant for primetime audiences. Played by tight and sympathetic cast. Inspired by the true story of world-famous figure skater Katarina Witt.