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Director: Wolfgang Panzer

Producer: Fireworks Entertainment, KJ Entertainment, Film Manufacturers

Executive Producer: Marian Redman, Katharina Otto-Bernstein

Writer: Wolfgang Panzer

Cast: Ulrich Tukur, Ursina Lardi, Matthias Brenner, Hans Peter Korff, Kostja Ullmann, Simone von Zglinicki, Carmen-Maja Antoni, Marie Schöneburg, Sibel Kekilli, Bernd Michael Lade

Genres: Drama


A plane crash in the Baltic leaves Thomas and his wife estranged over their daughter’s sudden, brutal and painful burial at sea. The airline gathers loved ones of passengers and crew for a memorial on the shores of the nearest coastal town to the crash. Father and protagonist Thomas is overwhelmed, mesmerized and decides to stay in the seaside town. He abandons his successful business and upper class life to take over a shabby and failed store and café in a typically gray, former East German town. His career-oriented wife remains inside her former life to cope with the loss of her daughter in her own way, while Thomas’ brother and business partner begs him to return. A range of compelling town folk enter Thomas’ life – the energetic and talented waitress, the handyman, old sages, the ballerina – awakening him to paths of healing. He, in turn, provides a stage for the town to breathe life back into itself again. Time does heal and many patterns of human resolve and reconciliation emerge.