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Home > Screenings > Bavaria Media International > Port Poison – Santeri’s Deal

Director: Jussi Hiltunen, Max Ovaska

Producer: Yellow Film & TV

Writer: Josefina Rautiainen, Max Ovaska

Cast: Elias Salonen, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Hilma Kotkaniemi, Katariina Kaitue

Genres: Drama

8 x 25

25-year-old engineering student Santeri has no criminal history, but a life full of miserable conditions. His mother is a lonely, unemployed alcoholic. When Santeri stumbles into a garbage bag full of speed hidden in a forest, it’s a snap decision. Speed could turn into money for his mom’s drug treatment. Santeri cleverly develops an anonymous way of selling dope. Just when things are looking up, he falls into an old trap. Greed and arrogance. He believes he’s come up with the perfect crime and keeps pushing. Santeri forgets the dangerous game where greed always loses. And Santeri learns in the worst possible way.

Expect truthful characters navigating high-stakes risks in a morally ambiguous world pivoting around tough choices around honor and righteousness. Set in gloomy Helsinki, populated with fresh Nordic faces to guarantee entertainment in brief 25 min episodes. To be continued.