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Director: André Hörmann, Katrin Milhahn

Producer: Kurhaus Production

Executive Producer: Christoph Holthof, Daniel Reich

Cast: Levi Eisenblätter, Jonas Oeßel, Marc Limpach, Meike Droste, Steffen Schroeder

Genres: Kids

96 min.

Paul and Max are best buddies. Right on the first day of their summer vacation, they sneak out of their homes and venture into the green wilderness that surrounds their little mountain village.They are on a mission to find a legendary cave hidden somewhere in the mountains. The boys follow the traces of Paul’s missing father Thomas, who is viewed as a madman by everyone in the village. In order to find the path to the cave, the boys must decrypt Thomas' notes about an ancient local tale. Alone in the woods, both boys experience a newfound sense of freedom and light-heartedness. As they blaze their trails through the deep forest and steep mountains, the runaways face challenges far greater than they had imagined, leading them to face their greatest fears and discover more about each other and their very different home lives. The boys’ summer escapade turns into an adventure that will stay with them forever.